GreenCo SA is a responsible recycling company

Leaders In
Environmental Services

Our environment is our most precious resource and it is our responsibility to act responsibly in order to preserve this resource for generations to come. In order to do it properly you need an expert team to assist your organisation or community with waste collection and recycling. GreenCo SA is your partner in environmentally responsible waste collection and recycling practices.

GreenCo SA, situated in Bloemfontein, is part of the SHE Group, a dynamic leader in the safety, health and environmental services industry. SHE Group’s diverse portfolio helps the group to provide services but also to identify gaps where service-delivery can be streamlined. Facilitating waste collection is one such area – GreenCo SA makes it easy for companies or communities to manage their office waste by collecting paper, carton, soft plastic and cans directly from the client.

Safe Waste
Management Practices

Contracting GreenCo SA provides the peace of mind that you are contributing towards environmentally safe waste management practices, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

GreenCo SA uses the latest recycling equipment in order to minimize the impact of this process on the environment, and offers green certification services to companies that are required to provide evidence of a waste management plan.

GreenCo SA’s expert team is focused on providing a quality service with the minimum hassle. Our commitment to the environment serves as a guarantee of our integrity: all our actions are based on the best and most efficient processes to manage waste collection and recycling. Leave it in our hands!